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Cedar Roof Cleaning

Add years to the life of your roof with our proven system of restoration.  It's imperative to clean your roof to remove any algae, lichen, or mildew from the shingles.  After the wash, we hand apply an oil that protects your shingles just like a sun tan lotion protects your skin!


Cedar Roof Repairs

Our repair division will assess which shingles are posing a problem to your roof.  We replace any loose, cracked or missing shingles.  Often we replace a small section vs replacing the entire roof.  

We don't replace curly shingles as these are mostly aesthetic and do not pose a threat.


Cedar Roof Oiling

Our crew rolls the oil shingle by shingle for one coat of protection (that is all that is necessary).  We use a product that is specific for and only used on wood shingles.

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Cedar Roof Replacements

Unfortunately, a cedar roof needs maintenance and if nothing has been done often times the roof needs to be replaced.  We offer section or full replacement services. 


Copper Fabrication

We have skilled copper fabricators who are like magicians! 


Copper valleys, gutters and chimney caps make your house pop!


Gutter Repairs/Systems

After our wash process, we will clean your gutters and do any minor repairs.  We can also schedule yearly gutter cleaning.

If you need a new gutter system or major repairs, we're available for that too!

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