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The CEDAR SOLUTIONS Maintenance Plan

is designed to protect and extend the life of your roof for many years to come. 

We want to save your roof, not replace it. 


Our restoration process is a system that will clean, repair and protect your wood shingles.  Without this system, the shingles over time will begin to deteriorate.  The harsh UV rays and other New England factors are hard on the wood. 

(If your roof cannot withstand our process we will provide you with a replacement estimate.)


We recommend this process every 4-5 years and we will let you know when

it's time so there's no thinking on your part.

Schedule a FREE Evaluation of your cedar roof now!

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STEP 1: Cleaning

Our crew has been professionally trained to clean cedar roofs.  Do not hire a non-professional or they can cause unnecessary damage to your roof. 


Our crew has been extensively trained to preserve the integrity of the shingles while washing.  Cleaning the shingles is so important as it removes any moss, algae or lichen that has attached to the wood.  You can see the difference immediately!

Step 2: Shingle Replacements

After the wash process, we will determine which shingles need to be replaced.  We will only replace loose, cracked or missing shingles.  Curly shingles do not pose a threat so they don't need to be replaced.  However, if you'd like us to replace them for aesthetics, we will prepare an estimate.

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Step 3: Oiling

The most important part of the process is the oiling.  It's important that we hand apply the product to each and every shingle for the perfect amount of coverage.  We like to describe this process similar to sun-tan lotion protecting the shingles against UV rays, moisture and algae.

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