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Where Curb Appeal and Longevity Meet

CEDAR SOLUTIONS was founded on the idea of raising the standard of roofing in our corner of the world.  Our success to date has been fantastic, and our enthusiasm grows each day as we hear back from more and more appreciative customers.


Years ago, we saw a need for a company that helped the customer make an informed decision as to what they needed by educating them enough so they could decide on their own what was right for them.

We've hired good people who care about our clients and their property who have been intensely trained so they are extremely skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable as well as reliable, friendly, honest, and responsible. 

Whether we are restoring your roof, repairing or installing a new one, we are committed to leaving you with a great experience. 

The Cedar Solutions Team

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This is an important maintenance process that extends the life of your roof while adding curb appeal.  We remove the algae, lichen or moss from the roof, do any necessary repairs and hand apply a natural oil that protects the shingles.


Whether you have some shingles that need to be replaced or a section, we are on it. 


Please contact us immediately if you have a leak at 203-685-3055


Unfortunately with no maintenance, or a faulty installation sometimes we can't save the roof and an entire replacement is required.  We walk you through the entire process so you know what to expect.


We are happy to review many services around your home while we're there.


Chimney Flashing

Gutter Cleaning

Skylight Repairs


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The Services We Provide


I heard so many conflicting opinions on my cedar roof.
Cedar Solutions took the time to educate me in detail.  I've since done the service and couldn't be happier with the entire experience.  I highly recommend them.

Stephen V., Westport, CT

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Our cedar roof was looking very aged and we were so worried.  We used their service this summer and we couldn't be happier with their professionalism and care for our home.  Our roof was cleaned, repaired and oiled and looks brand new!

Jill O., New Canaan, CT

Our neighbors highly recommend CEDAR SOLUTIONS service so we called them to evaluate our roof.  Rather than replace the entire roof, we did repairs and a section replacement and let us know a future plan that works perfect for us.  We feel confident they have our backs.

David J., Greenwich, CT

Reliable Service
Trustworthy Advice
Extensive Knowledge
Proper Roof Insurance
Warranty On Our Work

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A Clean Roof
Is A
Healthy Roof





By investing a little today in a preventative program to keep your roof clean and watertight, you are literally putting thousands of dollars in your pocket. Dollars you otherwise will inevitably have to pay out for a complete cedar roof replacement. We’ve seen it happen countless times during our time in the cedar roof maintenance business.


To arrange for a no obligation


Roof Evaluation

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the life of your roof is with a 


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